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Why the Fellow Stagg EKG is the Best Electric Kettle you can Buy

We believe great beans deserve quality equipment to get a phenomenal cup of coffee every single time. That’s why an electric kettle is a true game changer for anyone trying to consistently brew great coffee at home. It eliminates the guesswork by controlling the water temperature for you.

When you brew at just the right temperature, you unlock all the flavors the bean has to offer. But getting to the sweet spot can be tricky. Boiling the water can cause a bitter taste and you might find yourself reaching for cream and sugar.

Brains and Beauty

It’s taken us time to find a modern electric kettle with sensible features, timeless style and, frankly — nothing else. Fellow kettles just do what we need them to do efficiently while looking great in the process. The brand’s ever-growing line of stellar coffee products has quickly earned a reputation for using stunning aesthetics to enhance their functionality.

The elegant, stainless-steel Stagg EKG electric kettle is Exhibit A. Once you enter your desired temperature on its discreet, black LCD screen, you’ll be amazed by how fast it gets there.

We love that every one of its features adds functional value. The 60 minute temperature hold lets you set it and forget it as you get into your morning routine. The optional gooseneck creates the most delicate, controlled stream of any kettle we’ve tried, and a built in-brew timer means never digging through your phone or talking to Siri to get the perfect brew.

But fair warning, you might make coffee-lover guests envious with the look of this kettle. It’s available in the classic, elegant matte black that makes a sleek, bold statement. If you want to add a tasteful colorful flare, it’s also available in matte black with maple accents, white and warm pink with maple accents.

If you’re in pursuit of coffee that’s precisely engineered to taste the way the roaster intended, get a Fellow kettle for yourself and enjoy showing it off.

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