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The Best Coffee for French Press

If our name didn’t give it away, we’re big fans of French Press.

Long, direct, and even contact between the water and coffee make this method second-to-none when it comes to delivering a full-bodied cup that has retained the beautifully flavorful, antioxidant-rich oils of the bean.

Brewing with French Press is a great way to discover the wildly different flavor profiles of beans around the globe. We’ve put some of our most distinct single origin offerings and their unique flavors on full display in this coffee world tour.

Try them for yourself to help your trusty French Press meet its full potential.

Kochere Woreda Natural

The Yirgacheffe region of Ethiopia has long been renowned for producing coffees with truly wild flavors of chocolate and fruit. Kochere Woreda is one of our favorite examples because of its complexity.

The region’s distinctive and unmistakable blueberry notes hit first, followed by a hint of vanilla that rises when the water first hits the grounds. You’ll taste dark chocolate sweetness combined with vivid fruit notes of lemon, raspberry and more as you explore the cup.

Fun fact: We love Kochere Woreda’s natural blueberry flavor profile so much that we used it as the backbone in our Blueberry Muffin Blend.

Kamviu AA

Tart, fruity, and full of flavors that you’d never expect a cup of coffee could produce, this Kenyan bean is an instant summertime favorite we keep coming back to.

Drink it black, or get creative with its unusual flavors. Double the coffee to water ratio and chill the concentrated brew with some seltzer and lime for a super refreshing spritzer. Kamviu AA is a bright, medium roast coffee with dramatic notes of raspberry, black currant, lime and kiwi.

Lekali Estate

We sampled this Nepali bean from the Himalayas for its unique origin, but we purchased it for the incredible journey its flavor took us on.

Lekali Estate has a rare dynamic profile that – in addition to being savory – has a bit of pepper, rounded out with sweet and fruity notes of pomegranate and vanilla. Then as the coffee cools, it becomes sweeter with notes of fortified wine, molasses, sweet tobacco and chocolate.

Coffee Review gave Lekali Estate an impressive score of 92, calling it “worth seeking out for its unusual origin and its sweetness and balance.”

Volcan de Fuego

If you crave a cup that oozes warm, rich, sweet, and comforting, Volcan de Fuego is undefeated.

Treat yourself to this Mexican coffee that’s lush with notes of hot cocoa, toasted nuts and brown sugar, leading to a warm, creamy finish. Decadence, best enjoyed during me-time.⁠

Kuta Mill Peaberry

The Kuta Mill Peaberry is quite an interesting bean from Papua New Guinea that’s worth a try. You’ll be saying “try this,” to anyone around you to hear how they’re tasting it.

This coffee greets you with a herbal and spicy aroma, but when it meets your lips, you may be surprised. It’s not spicy, but sweet with notes of caramel aligned with a curiously delicious melon-like mouthfeel.

And There’s Plenty More Where That Came From

All the exciting complexity, all the unexpected flavors that we get from roasting (and you from your french press) this is what we believe makes coffee interesting. With so many more single origin offerings to discover, the fun never ends.

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