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The Best Coffee For Espresso

It takes a discerning and dedicated coffee lover to take on the extra expense, effort, and attention to detail to make great espresso at home. Espresso lovers accept no substitute to the intense flavors and full body of a perfect pull.

We believe the ultimate joy of espresso is discovering the beautiful nuances behind each cup’s robust, roasty aromas and striking flavors.

If you go bold, but don’t know where to begin, we’ve compiled a one-stop guide of our favorite coffees. We recommend experimenting with different ways to prepare each of these coffees. Immerse your senses and enjoy unlocking everything these dark roasts have to offer.

Deri Kochoha Washed Dark Roast

This Ethiopian is one of our favorites to drink in a classic Italian style. It sets the standard as a clean, well-rounded espresso with a big body and big, sweet flavors. You’re going to get a rich chocolatey texture with background notes of lemon and red wine.

Dream Spot Espresso

If you like your espresso on the lighter side, try this blend of beans from Hawaii and Panama. The unique combination produces a cup that retains a full body while delivering a delicate sweetness and refreshing lightness from strong citrus notes, highlighting its smooth texture.

Control Flow Espresso

Fruit and chocolate lovers, this is the perfect blend for your espresso. In a sweet and lively combination, chocolate is upfront while fruity citrus is present in the background. This blend’s robust body makes its refreshingly light mouthfeel a pleasant surprise. You can’t go wrong with this one.

Kuta Mill Peaberry

Get creative with this one. The spiciness and buttery mouthfeel make it perfect as an espresso in a milk based drink or as a blending component with other espressos. The flavors in this bean from Papua New Guinea develop throughout the roasting process. We’ve picked up on notes of fresh herbs which pair perfectly with the spice in an espresso drink.

Ulos Batak Dark Roast

An extremely versatile bean that showcases different flavors throughout the roasting process. It’s classic preparation is a dark roast for good reason. This bean has a smoky-sweet aroma with notes of tobacco. The body thickens to a satisfying syrupy status with a smooth finish. The flavor is complex, with dark honey and citric notes at the forefront. Let this one cool slightly, and its persistent sweetness will become more apparent.

Elida Estate Natural

Lastly, this dark roast comes from an intriguing origin — it’s grown near Volcan Baru National Park in the Bouqute region of Panama. As espressos go, it’s powerful and distinct, but it’s uniquely delicate with the presence of floral notes and a complex balance of chocolate and fruit.

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