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The Best Coffee for Cold Brew

Cold Brew has seen an explosion in popularity in recent years, and it’s easy to see why. Lower brewing temperatures and long contact between water and bean draw accessible, refreshing flavors without the acidity and bitterness found in a cup produced with traditional, high-temperature brewing methods.

It’s easy-drinking flavor profiles make Cold Brew perfect for coffee novices, anyone trying to kick the cream and sugar habit, or just a refreshing change of pace for hot summer days. It’s extremely simple to make at home, no special equipment required – though we prefer brewing ours in our trusty French Press. Dilute the concentrated brew with seltzer for a spritzer, use it as a foundation for creative concoctions or just enjoy it on the rocks.

A tasty cup of cold brew begins with beans with flavors that sing at lower temperatures. While we love our light roasts, their bright, acidic flavors keep their lips sealed until you really lay on the heat. To help you buy and brew with confidence, we’ve compiled our favorite coffees that transform magnificently when brewed cold.


If you’re not sure where to start or you’d like to taste our take on cold brew, try this blend. It’s specifically selected and roasted to make exceptional cold brew. You’ll immediately recognize intense dark chocolate notes. It’s roasted for balance, so it’s perfectly smooth and sweet until the end.

Karuta Estate Peaberry

If you’re all in for sweetness, this is your bean. Even in a hot cup, this Tanzanian is lively and easy to drink. The sweetness is citrusy, with a crisp body and clean finish. The peaberry bean comes from estates in the Ngorongoro Crater region and the quality of the processing is evident in the truly pleasing cup. Geography plays a key role in the flavor profiles of coffee, and this is a prime example of what makes Tanzanian Peaberries so desirable when roasted at any temperature.

Excelso FTO

This is such a well-balanced coffee…which is perfect for cold brew. We were fascinated with the complexity of this Fair Trade Organic coffee from Colombia. It’s generally a mild coffee, but you’ll notice a melon-like sweetness appear without having a heavy mouthfeel.

Finca La Montana

This Costa Rican is smooth as silk when brewed cold. It’s a bright medium roast on the sweeter side that we really enjoy developing in the roaster. As the energy builds inside the bean, the coffee rounds out and enters the first crack with force. Here we find the coffee presents its smooth flavor profile, and the beans have enough energy to coast to the cooling bin without over developing.

You can use any kind of coffee in a cold brew, and any time of the year. Discover different flavor profiles from around the world by signing up for our Roaster’s Choice subscription.

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