Tavern Blend

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…probably my favorite blend I've ever had. A smooth, dark cup of coffee that tastes great black.
Daniel G.
I have been sampling a number of different local coffee's and have settled on Tavern Blend as my favorite.
Leo G.
I learned of Press House from the Tom Woods show, and this is easily the best product he has ever pitched, hands down
Gary J.
This coffee is everything I've ever wanted in a coffee. I will be reordering!
George W.

A dark roast crafted to bring you right back to your favorite diner. Blended with bean from Cameroun, Brazil, and Ethiopia, Tavern Blend is a no-nonsense coffee that goes well with a cigar.

Smells like
Fireside s'mores
Tastes like
Toasted Nuts
Feels like
Your favorite diner

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Featuring Tavern Blend

Paule's Take

Notes from our head roaster

At Press House, we tend to love our light roasts. Roasting light allows incredible array of bright, lively flavors naturally available within the bean to shine through. Natural sweetness and fruity notes are most present at this roast level, allowing us to constantly discover amazing new flavors that, frankly, many people don’t know coffees are capable of producing. But sometimes, we just want something that takes us back to the familiar, dark-roasted cup of joe we all grew up with.

Tavern Blend is crafted to be the best damn diner coffee you’ve ever tasted. If you’re a drinker who doesn’t want to leave any mistake that you’re drinking a cup of coffee from the very first sip, this is the blend for you. Tavern Blend has the characteristic smokey-sweet balance and big, full-bodied mouthfeel without any of the unpleasantness of your typical dark roast. Your favorite diner might make a great pancake, but chances are, you’ll have a bottomless cup of coffee that’s roasted too dark, overproduced, and made with low-quality beans.

We’ve reimagined the tried- and-true cup by blending bean from CameroonBrazil, and Ethiopia and roasting just barely into the dark realm of the spectrum. This allows the finished product to boast a nice sweetness and slightly bright, acidic finish that you won’t find in most dark roasts. In fact, if you’re a lifelong cream and sugar drinker, try a cup black. You might be surprised how many more pleasant, chocolatey, even dark fruity notes you’re able to detect than in your typical cup.

Tavern Blend was the very first signature blend in our lineup, and it remains a go-to for us when we’re bagging up coffee for ourselves at the end of the day. We put a lot of thought and care into creating a robust-bodied coffee with familiar favor, while developing a roasting process and selecting beans that avoid the unpleasant bitterness that has given similar blends a bad name. It’s a perfect everyday workhorse coffee that will produce a great cup whether you’re using a drip pot, french press, pourover, or espresso.

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Customer Reviews

Chris J.
Preferred Method:
Ratio 8

This is excellent coffee. It is smooth and rich and has a wonderful aroma. It is difficult to find coffee this good to brew at home

Preferred Method:
Freshly Ground very finely

This is the most amazing coffee! full flavoured and a smooth full bodied mouth feel. This is my favorite way to start my day! Way to go, Presshouse!

Laurie A.
Preferred Method:

Excellent smooth blend. We're ordering more.

Peter S.
Preferred Method:
Pour Over

My favorite dark roast ever. I thought I knew what dark roast should taste like then I had this - perfect balance, instant escape from the first sip; get this coffee and go to wherever your heart desires - without leaving the comforts of home!

Kevin C.
Preferred Method:
French Press

The coffee is simply amazing in every way. I will be sure to order more in the near future.

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