Race Day

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Crafted with runners in mind, Race Day Blend is light roasted to provide an energizing boost of caffeine and full of lively, invigorating flavors to keep the Runner's High working for you all day long. Organically traded and ethically sourced.

Smells like
Fresh Lemon
Tastes like
Milk Chocolate
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Customer Reviews

Haley A.
Preferred Method:
French Press

As a marathon runner I can’t tell you how much I love Race Day from press house. Shaves my time and gets me ready for Race Day! Light and full of flavor

Kristin U.
Preferred Method:

I didn't love it as much of some of Press House's single origin beans, but it still brewed a delicious cup of coffee via chemex, french press, and even the drip coffee maker

Martin H.
Preferred Method:

I'm all about this light roast when I'm gearing up for big running workouts and obviously, races! This blend is super smooth and essentially "just right" as far as flavor and caffeine kick goes. I like to order the whole beans and grind myself, but have also had great results ordering pre-ground for pourover.

Ben B.
Preferred Method:
French Press

Coffee has long been my pre-workout of choice. Suck this down an hour before hitting the trail, the track, or the road and I guarantee you'll optimize your workout.

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