One Bean, Three Ways: Ulos Batak

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Three 4oz samples of our exceptionally fresh-roasted, small batch coffees – enough for about 9 cups of each.

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One Bean, Three Ways: Ulos Batak
We started 1 Bean, 3 Ways in effort to buck the notion that there’s one right way to roast or brew a bean. It’s an experiment and celebration of the flavor profiles a single bean is able to generate. It’s a conversation we’re eager to have with our drinkers. What do you taste in each roast? Which is your favorite? What’s your favorite way to brew? Our master roaster’s notes on each roast level are below, but don’t let that lead you to believe that anything you’re tasting in a given roast is wrong. Tasting and sharing coffee will always be an art, not a science. We like it that way.
Ulos Batak is a perfect first showcase for this experiment. Until recently, it was almost exclusively served as a dark roast, but the light roast profile is gaining steam for good reason. Early in the roasting process, this bean has a beautifully sweet, floral aroma to compliment its extremely light body. Flavor notes are crisp reminiscent of blood orange.
After a little more time and heat, the bean’s flavor evolution is already very apparent. The floral nose of the light roast still has retained its sweetness, but a more robust earthiness and pleasant peppery notes have take its place. The mouthfeel is lively and tangy, with more intense flavors developing to evoke fresh citrus zest.
Ulos Batak’s classic preparation for good reason, as a dark roast, this bean has a smoky-sweet aroma with notes of tobacco, and the body thicked to satisfyingly syrupy status with a smooth finish. The flavor is complex, with dark honey and citric notes at the forefront. Let this one cool slightly, and its persistent sweetness will become more apparent.

This bean’s classic preparation stands the test of time, but it would be a crime to miss everything it has to offer along the way. Sharing Ulos Batak at three roast levels allows us to showcase the distinct complexity of this bean, placing its flavor development throughout the roast process on full display.

Paul, Roast Master
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