Harvest Blend

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The flavor is so complex and it smells soooo good.
Stephanie F.
This is a fantastic coffee full of flavor. It is bright, tangy and full bodied.
Stephen M.
It definitely reminds me of autumn!
Riley C.

Organic beans from Congo and Ethiopia meld to form the perfect companion to a brisk morning and your favorite blanket. Crisp apple aromas transition with the fall leaves into citrus sweetness that lingers long so you can savor the season.

Smells like
Crisp apple
Tastes like
Sweet citrus
Feels like
Brisk mornings

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Customer Reviews

Tony L.
Preferred Method:

Harvest blend is truly delicious - fruity and chocolatey, smooth, yet very flavorful. My wife and I look forward to it every year and in our opinions, it is the best coffee we have ever had (and we have had lots). Please put this coffee on regular rotation if you can. Awesome coffee!

Preferred Method:

This blend has a wonderful brisk flavor. Right off I could taste 'something' but wasn't sure what it was.. then it hit me... apple! I believe this is a new favorite from PressHouse!

Ashlee G.
Preferred Method:

Delicious blend for the aeropress. I found it a bit too bitter for the chemax. But for the aeropress it’s just divine. Great fall aroma and taste.

Adam R.
Preferred Method:
French Press

This description is dead on. Picked up the apple notes right when I opened the bag. One of my favorite blends already.

Stephanie F.
Preferred Method:
In my Ninja Coffee Maker

This coffee (and ALL Press House coffee) is absolutely delicious. The flavor is so complex and it smells soooo good. I am a Press House customer for life now haha.

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