Early Bird

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We LOVED the Early Bird blend. It's smooth and not bitter, a great way to wake up in the morning.
Renee N.
Very refreshing! Taste is always on point and wakes me up.
Caitlin C.
The coffee is fresh and comes in a unique, high quality package.
Michael D.
The best part of waking up is Early Bird in your cup.
Ben B.

Aromas of candied fruit and milk chocolate welcome you to a lively, juicy cup. Sweetness and fruity undertones make Early Bird a great way to start your day. Hold the Worm.

Smells like
Milk chocolate
Tastes like
Candied fruit
Feels like

Paule's Take

Notes from our head roaster

Designing a new signature blend to offer our customers is a little bit like forming a rock band. It has to compliment the others in a lineup in pursuing a common goal while performing a role that none of our other blends do. Quite simply, we crafted Early Bird Blend to be the perfect way to start your day.

More than a Kick

Of course, we opted for a light roast to retain as much caffeine as possible for a nice shot of energy to kick out those eye crusties, but it takes more than caffeine to claim the title of “ultimate morning beverage.” Early Bird is a sweet and lively blend that will have you leaving the cream and sugar far, far behind. If you’re used to the dark roasted, bitter brews that have dominated the market for so long, you’ll be in for a pleasant surprise.

Aromas of candied fruit and milk chocolate are predominant up front. Flavors are juicy and full of energy. Rather than leave you with an unpleasant bitterness on your tongue all day, the Early Bird provides a lingering sweetness. The cup is warm and flavorful with an invigorating complexity. The body is robust enough to let you know you’re drinking a cup of coffee, but it’s not so heavy you’ll be left reaching for a glass of water when you’re finished.

In short, Early Bird’s got your back. It provides the kick of energy to get you going in the morning, but any coffee can stake that claim. The early bird has the lively, bright, sweet flavors to awaken your senses and prepare you to tackle a whole new day. Hold the worm.

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Customer Reviews

Ryan R.
Preferred Method:

Great coffee and even better delivery and service. Always love and my favorite coffee

Ashleigh W.
Preferred Method:
French Press

I looked forward to waking up and actually using my French Press because of the blends in my sample pack. This specific roast was a perfect way to start my day.

David G.
Preferred Method:

Great service. Great prices. Delicious coffee. I have no complaints and I appreciate the regular email/newsletters to keep me feeling connected, even if we're all the way around the world.

Caitlin C.
Preferred Method:
French press

Very refreshing! Taste is always on point and wakes me up.

sam g.
Preferred Method:
any way

best coffee in pittsburgh not even close

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