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…an amazing breakfast blend and doubles as a great late afternoon pick me up! It never disappoints.
Anna P.
This will definitely be a repeat buy!
Ashlee G.
This blend doesn't disappoint, its a great cup of joe every time.
Katie B.

A hallmark medium roast that displays sweetness and depth. Toffee and nut flavors are up front while citrus and spice linger.

Smells like
Sweet molasses
Tastes like
Citrus & spice
Feels like
That perfect cup

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Customer Reviews

Becky A.
Preferred Method:
Fresh ground drip

This is an absolute favorite in our house. I love that during a time when one of the luxuries I’ve missed is a coffee shop stop I have now been able to enjoy even better quality coffee in my own home. Thank you for your work!

Griffin P.
Preferred Method:
Drip Coffee, Flat Bottom

I think they named Cup of Joe quite well. A boring, run of the mill coffee that you're not sure if you got from McDonalds or Dunkin. I just wasn't sold on this coffee. PH touts it as a flagship product, but it doesn't go further than a cup of brown caffeine. Sure, it's better than the garbage you pick up from the grocery store (and let's be real, it's leagues better), but given the powerhouse skills that expert coffee roasters have, I'd expect better from the creme de la crumb that Press House puts as their go to coffee.

Ashlee G.
Preferred Method:

This will definitely be a repeat buy! I absolutely adored this coffee in the chemax or the aeropress!

Katie B.
Preferred Method:
French Press

This blend doesn't disappoint, its a great cup of joe every time. Happy to support this delicious Pittsburgh-based brand!

Gary J.
Preferred Method:
French press

This is my go-to midday brew. It gives me the quick but satisfying boost to push me over the early afternoon slump. At once strong but sweet, one whose flavor comes out naturally, and that doesn't leave a taste of some flavor that I have to scrape off my tongue. Easily five stars.

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