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…strong enough to cut through the milk in a latte so you still taste the coffee chocolate goodness.
Jeff M.
All time favorite. Low acidity and great flavor.
Deep rich flavor but very smoothly with great crema!
Stephen M.

Background fruitiness and chocolatey presence make this sweet and lively espresso blend a true crowdpleaser. This blend's robust body makes its refreshingly light mouthfeel a pleasant surprise.

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Complex fruits
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Delicate chocolate
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Featuring Control Flow

Barista's Take

Control Flow is a remarkably well balanced blend that everyone will love. This espresso roast is bright and zesty but robust and decadent at the same time. It’s unique blend of sweet aromas and flavors come together seamlessly to form the perfect combination that will pleasantly surprise your senses every time.

Control Flow is a trusty choice to have in your morning cup as we head into those cold winter months, when you feel like you need a little bit of extra warmth and comfort added to your daily am routine. 

Customer Reviews

Jeff M.
Preferred Method:

I use Control Flow Espresso for making milk drinks, from cortado to Latte. It's roasted dark but not too dark, so it's not oily on the surface which is a plus. It's also strong enough to cut through the milk in a latte so you still taste the coffee chocolate goodness.

Madelyn N.
Preferred Method:

One of the smoothest espressos I've tried yet. It's rich and flavorful but not too heavy feeling like a lot of espresso can be.

All time favorite. Low acidity and great flavor.

I became a subscriber!

Nice light espresso.

No arguments here. If you like a bright espresso you'll probably like this.

Stephen M.
Great Espresso!

Second time buying this espresso. The flavor is bold but smooth and delicious! Highly recommend!

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