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Our Absolute Favorite French Press

If our name didn’t give it away, we’re big fans of French Press. Long, direct, and even contact between the water and coffee make this method second-to-none when it comes to delivering a full-bodied cup that has retained the beautifully flavorful, antioxidant-rich oils of the bean.

We’ve even gone out of our way to create the world’s easiest way to make great French Press. Consequently, I’ve probably gone through more French Presses over the years than toothbrushes.

Common French Press Pitfalls

I’ve tried everything on the market. Some of the priciest presses out there are the most delicate. The cheaper presses you can buy off the shelf at your big-box retailer have given French Press a bad name – known for producing coffee with an off-putting, gritty texture. For years, I assumed that I’d be doomed to a life of replacing broken, overpriced presses every few months if I wanted to drink coffees brewed my favorite way.

A French Press that gets everything right

That all changed when I discovered Espro’s awesome line of French Presses, which are available in enough sizes and styles to meet any coffee drinker’s needs. Espro’s unique double filtration system produces a cup with the cleanliness that you would normally associate with drip brew coffee. Many French Press lovers go so far as to strain the residual beans out through a secondary siev to mimic the filtration that an Espro produces in a single step.

The two filters are easily detachable, which not only makes it hassle-free to clean, but it also offers you the flexibility to “cowboy up” when you’re in the mood for a more textural cup with a thicker body by just brewing with one of the mesh screens. The construction is rock-solid, but replacement filters and glass are easy to come by if need be.

I love the P7 for its heat retention and contemporary look. The P5 is a classic, functional beauty. The Ultralight Travel Press is my indispensable hiking buddy. Read on to find out which of Espro’s perfect French Pesses is right for you.

Espro UltraLight Travel Press

Make grit-free coffee (or tea) anytime, anywhere with the world’s lightest double-walled, vacuum-insulated, stainless steel coffee press. The unique ability to go straight from brewing to enjoying, along with a portable 16oz size, makes the UltraLight the ultimate on-the-go press.

Its design is rugged, clever, and clean. A hefty plastic cap and generous handle keep all moving parts out of harm’s way, and double-walled stainless means coffee stays piping hot for hours. I never hit the hiking trails without it.

Espro P3

Espro’s entry-level press is extremely affordable, while offering a generous 32oz brewing volume (about 3 cups of coffee). Better yet, all of the essential features that make Espro Presses stand out are still present here. The reliable, double-mesh filtration system is the exact same as on their high-end models, and the replaceable glass is shared with the pricier P5 model. While it doesn’t offer the heat retention of the stainless models, it’s perfect for sharing a fresh pot with two friends.

Espro P5

The P5 features a timeless look that exudes class. The copper look has a 17th Century tavern vibe that we love. It’s the kind of press that lets anyone who walks into your home know instantly that you’re serious about your coffee. The handle had a sturdy, almost rugged quality, without taking away from the elegant aesthetic. The P5 comes in two different sizes – 18oz and 32oz – perfect for two or three cups, respectively.

Espro P6

If you want to wake up in the morning, make fantastic coffee to get you through the entire day, and enjoy every cup nice and hot, look no further. The P6’s 32oz capacity is enough for three cups of coffee, and the double-walled, vacuum-sealed stainless construction keeps it hot for hours on end – perfect for brewing and sharing, or for keeping it all for yourself.

Espro P7

The P7 is the king of all presses. Espro’s most premium model delivers the smooth, clean cup that comes standard in all of their models, but in a piece that beautifully marries form and function. The amazing heat retention of the double-walled stainless is carried over to a rock-solid stainless handle that looks incredible. Even the plunger handle is finished with a polished metal that feels as good as it looks. It’s available in 18oz and 32oz models, and as soon as you open it, you’ll know it’s the last press you’ll ever need to buy.

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