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Naturally Processed Kochera Woreda

They say that roasted coffees have the potential to carry four times the number of distinct flavor and aroma compounds as even the most complex fine wine. I don’t think there’s any coffee-growing region that puts an exclamation point on that fact more than a naturally processed coffee from the Yirgacheffe region of Ethiopia.

A showcase of what coffee is capable of

Our current offering from the Kochere Mill is my personal favorite right now. It’s a mind blowing showcase of the huge range of flavors that are naturally available within a coffee bean. No fruity flavors added – just beautiful, quality coffee, roasted with care.
We get so used to seeking perfect, uniform beans that heirloom coffees like this can be a really fun change of pace. Rather than growing within tightly-regulated conditions on a farm or being raised by a specific co-op, this coffee is often grown wild. As a result, beans are irregularly-sized and can appear to have far more defects than are actually present. In the roasting process, it requires faith in both my palate and eye. It’s when working with coffees like these that roasting feels most like an art and less like a science.

"…a mind blowing showcase of the huge range of flavors that are naturally available within a coffee bean.”

Roasting a Naturally Processed Yirgacheffe: A Rewarding Challenge

Through natural processing, the cherry is left on while the coffee dries, imparting amazing, fruity flavors that remain evident all the way to the finished cup. More of the natural flavors of the bean are retained this way than through any other processing method, but I also love natural processing for the challenge it presents. The residual sugars can reward a perfect roast with a complex sweetness, but burning them can ruin the entire batch with an astringent, unpleasant bitterness. Consequently, our Kochera Woreda’s sweet spot falls in the medium-light end of the roasting spectrum.

An easy way to fall in love with craft coffee

In the cup, you’ll find beautiful, bold aromas of unmistakable blueberry, supported by rich, dark chocolate and lemon. The flavors are lively and juicy, getting noticeably sweeter as it cools. On the tongue, notes of blackberry, citrus, and dried fruits become more apparent. While this coffee provides a huge array of familiar flavors, it’s not necessarily complex. The taste supports, rather than contrasts, the aromas.

Kochera Woreda Natural is a perfect entryway into the world of craft coffee because its predominant fruit character presents flavors that are very familiar, but that can instantly challenge your notion of how a natural coffee can taste.

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