Roaster's Corner

Lifelong cream & sugar lover? Try ours black.

While the heart of Press House’s philosophy is to drink coffee the way you like it, I still view it as a goal, in part, to produce coffees that will convert cream and sugar users to black coffee drinkers – even if it’s only when they’re drinking our coffees. Think about a chef preparing a dish at a restaurant. While you probably have salt and pepper sitting available if you choose to add it to your food, if the dish is seasoned properly, adding additional table-side seasoning shouldn’t be necessary.

With coffee, it’s a similar story. It’s easy to understand why cream and sugar is such a common addition. Cream neutralizes bitterness, allowing you to appreciate chocolatey, nutty, or spicy flavors that are otherwise utterly buried. Sugar may seem necessary still for someone who is accustomed to only drinking extremely sweet beverages, like juices or sodas.

What You’re Missing

But, cream doesn’t only mask bitterness. It also can hide the more delicate, fruity flavors great coffees have to offer. Besides, adding cream & sugar detracts from the health benefits of an amazing, antioxidant-rich beverage. The good news is that there’s hope for even the most diehard cream and sugar drinker.

The fear of black coffee is primarily due to two widespread coffee crimes: over-roasting and brewing with excessively hot water. Large batch roasters made dark roast the norm because it masks defects in both appearance and taste, but improvements in processing methods and the availability of quality raw coffee have made this unnecessary. Today’s coffees are far less harsh and full off incredibly enjoyable – at times, mysterious and intriguing – flavors.

Brewing at boiling-hot temperatures only adds to the problem. The beautiful flavors we want to get from the beans are extracted between 190 and 202 degrees fahrenheit. Go any further, and all you’re adding is unpleasant bitterness.

“…if the dish is seasoned properly, adding additional table side seasoning shouldn’t be necessary.”

Try it. You might like it.

The beauty of roasting in small batches and shipping coffee to your door within 72 hours of roasting is that we can deliver exceptionally fresh beans that are full of natural flavor and sweetness. Many of our coffees are packaged as light or medium roasts, where natural flavors, sweetness, and acidity are at their highest, and bitterness is minimal or nonexistent.

If you try one of our fresh coffees, roasted at the appropriate temperature and still feel the need to reach for the white stuff, try brewing with a pour over method, such as a Chemex, using a paper filter. This is a great way to begin enjoying black coffee, as it removes more residual bitterness than a mesh filter. While I usually avoid paper filters because it robs the coffee of some of its body and flavor-rich oils, it can be a great, healthier alternative to adding cream and sugar for many drinkers.

Drink coffee the way you like it.

At the end of the day, if you still prefer to make some additions to your morning brew, there’s nothing wrong with that. I just invite you to experiment and discover the surprising amount of flavors coffee is capable of providing. Coffee is far more than the bitter pill you need to swallow to get you through the day. When treated with care, it’s lively, refreshing, invigorating, and exciting to discover. Above all else, we want you to share in that joy.

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