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Kamviu AA

Knowing a coffee’s origin country and surrounding region reveals quite a bit about how we can expect it to taste. In the Asia/Pacific region, coffee is rich, heavy and lingering. In the America’s I’d expect generally mild and balanced with bright acidity, occasionally sweet and buoyant. And in Africa, particularly the Kenyan region, coffee is well-rounded, sweet with soft vanilla orange notes.

But sometimes, I can be surprised. This is what makes coffee so interesting. When I first tasted this large bean from Kenya, I was hit with a dramatic blend of raspberry, black currant, lime and kiwi. This coffee will wake up your senses with tart, fruity notes that linger on your tongue. But what separates it from other Kenyan beans?

Something About The Weather

“AA” is indicative of its size and shape, and although aesthetically pleasing, it doesn’t affect the flavor profile as much as climate. Even the slightest change in weather can shake things up.

The origin of Kamviu AA is one we can trace back to the town where it’s grown. And in this case, the bean is named after the town itself, located on the eastern slope of Mt. Kenya. The weather there is slightly different from western Kenya, where most beans are grown.

In Eastern Kenya, this bean developed a brighter and juicier flavor profile.

Bringing Out The Flavors

Bringing out those flavors is all part of the roasting process. Light-medium is typical for a Kenyan. I reach that consistency by stopping at a certain point and letting the beans coast to a finishing point.

That’s how different flavors develop, and you get the highest quality coffee. I tried 12 different samples from Kenya, most of which had similar, predictable profiles. But Kamviu AA’s flavor was unlike anything I’ve tasted before. It was delightfully energizing with exotic, fruity notes that lead to a sparkling-wine-like finish.

A Rare Bean And One Of Our Favorites

Kenya’s high-altitude growing conditions yield high quality beans. The fruit grows slower, which packs more nuanced flavors. Kamviu AA not only has a unique flavor, but you’d be lucky to come across it due to limitations of regional production. We are fortunate to be selling this robust coffee.

One of our owner’s favorites, the Kamviu is truly electric and the flavors just bounce around, begging to be experimented with: I think it would go great with lime and cherry in a spritzer. We hope you are pleasantly surprised by the complexity of this big bean from Eastern Kenya. You might get hooked into discovering more in every pour.

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