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How to Brew Single-Serve Sustainably Without Sacrificing Convenience

Too often in our busy lives, we find ourselves sacrificing sustainability for convenience. Put in the pod, press the button, and add another little piece to the mountain of plastic living eternally in landfills and oceans. Enjoy a not-so satisfying cup with a little side of guilt. What could be easier? We thought there should be a better option.  

More than 25 percent of Americans own single-serve coffee machines, brewing up various forms of pre-measured plastic cups, stocking landfills with enough K-Cups to wrap around the planet ten times over.  

Since the coffee is brewed in the same plastic and aluminum container that it’s shipped in, the ugly truth is that even pods made of recyclable materials often spend their eternal afterlife in our oceans and landfills. Not to mention the notoriously unreliable machines that brew them, which often get tossed within a couple of years themselves.  

We created The Daily Grind to be the world’s easiest, most sustainable way to brew great French Press at home, all brewed in one trusty simple machine that you can take anywhere and always count on. No guessing. No measuring. No grinding. Just rip it, dump it, pour it. That’s it. Ten perfectly portioned, recyclable pouches are shipped right to your door, right before you run out.

Better yet, we reward you drinking sustainably. Earn one free, full pouch for every four empties you send back. Each used bag is recycled or upcycled into functional pieces of our physical shops like insolation. 

The battle between sustainability and convenience is over, so you can sit back, relax, and savor any of our premium offerings and signature blends without the guilt of pitching plastic.

Sign up for a Daily Grind subscription, and you’ll never reach for a plastic pod again, or a paper cup for that matter. We love coffee on-the-go, and nothing is more convenient than the ESPRO Ultralight Travel Press.  It’s literally the lightest double-walled, vacuum-insulated, stainless steel coffee press in the world. Clear some room on your coffee mug shelf. This little guy just might replace them all. 

Try the Daily Grind for yourself and just enjoy great coffee every day, made in a pitch.

The world’s easiest way to make great French Press.

The battle between fresh and convenient is over. Ten pouches of any of our coffees, perfectly portioned for your press, fresh ground, sealed, and delivered.
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