Five easy coffee drink recipes to make you feel like a barista

As working from home is at an all-time high amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s hard not to yearn for the once-routine pleasure of getting a pretty, delicious drink at our local coffee shop. Even for us black coffee lovers, there’s something about the guilty pleasure of an easy-drinking, indulgent specialty drink every now and then. We got to the drawing board to share a few of our own recipes that are equal parts easy, delicious, and Instagrammable.

1. Café au Lait

Café au Lait originated in France several hundred years ago but has since made its way around the world. The direct translation into English means, “coffee with milk.” This popular beverage can easily be made at home and despite the fancy name, only requires a few ingredients and preparation. It gives you the boutique coffee shop taste but without the price.

Try our take on the Café au Lait for a decadent twist on a coffee shop classic.

2. Chocolate Cherry Frozen Coffee

Add this chocolate cherry frozen coffee recipe to your next Sunday brunch. It’s a sweet treat that takes less time to prepare than your average scrambled eggs and will have your tastebuds dancing with joy.

Chocolate and coffee are a time-tested combination while the cherries add a nice sweet & tart component to the mix.

3. Coconut Iced Coffee

Get yourself ready for long days and cool nights with this coconut iced coffee recipe. It’s a quick getaway to the tropics without the hassle of hopping on a plane.

This five-ingredient recipe makes a smooth and creamy treat that is sure to please.

4. Almond Coffee Creamer

Almond pairs perfectly with coffee by adding a subtle hint of sweetness without the sugar. It’s a great addition to hot and iced coffees alike. This recipe can be made in a matter of minutes with ingredients you already have in your kitchen.

The rich cream cuts the bitterness that is sometimes associated with almond extract and enhances the mouthfeel of the cinnamon.

5. Chocolate Peanut butter Pretzel Coffee

Chocolate and peanut butter are a dynamic duo. This recipe for chocolate peanut butter pretzel coffee will make you feel like you’re drinking a decadent treat. It’s warm, rich, and easy to put together.

Each sip offers a hint of pretzel accompanied by rich chocolate and smooth peanut butter.

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