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Everything You Need to Know About Coffee From Africa

Customers’ jaws drop when they discover our Blueberry Muffin Blend has no added flavors to mimic the taste of the favorite breakfast treat – just carefully sourced coffees. The unmistakable blueberry notes characteristic of Ethiopia’s Yirgacheffe region are complimented by supporting players that provide warm vanilla notes and rich depth.

Vibrant African coffees beans are often the star player in our signature blends, providing beautiful contrast to deep, rich flavors from other regions.

That being said, you don’t want to skip out on the unique single-origin experience.

Open a bag of African beans, and your senses are hit with an explosion of floral and fruity aromas – like the wildly fruity and dark chocolate notes from Yemen or the energizing and deeply complex berry notes from Kenya.

Wherever you are on your journey with craft coffee, learning about where it comes from will deepen your appreciation for having it here. Africa is full of enticing beans – it’s likely you’ll find something you want to try for yourself.


  • Aromatic, powerful
  • Nuanced
  • Wild
  • Wine like
  • Fruity
  • Light to Medium Body
  • Lemony finish
  • Soft Acidity

According to many, Arabica coffee beans were first found in Ethiopia and first written about by Arab scholars in modern-day Yemen. It’s no surprise they were writing about how it was allowing them to work longer and with more energy.

Kochere Woreda Natural:  Medium Roast | Blueberry, Floral, Lively

This coffee is a great place to start if you are looking to explore a historical origin and experience the myriad of flavors a single coffee can present.  It’s complex sweetness combines dark chocolate with vivid fruit notes of blueberry, lemon, raspberry, and more. We knew this bean would rock in a blueberry focused blend, so – you guessed it –  this is the backbone of our Blueberry Muffin blend. It’s grown within the Yirgacheffe region, famous for producing powerful berry flavors. One of our favorites from Ethiopia, it’s sure to wow anyone who tries it.

Deri Kochoha Washed:  Medium Roast | Citrus, Berry, Spice

Continuing with the berry theme, this bean adds spice and gentle notes of milk chocolate and citrus. A very clean and uniform coffee from Sidamo, Deri Kochoha Washed is a great medium bodied and balanced cup. This is another compelling coffee that represents the experience and quality of the farmers and producers of its region in a perfectly pleasant cup. 

Deri Kochoha Washed:  Dark Roast | Lemon, Red wine, Chocolate

If a classic Italian espresso is your thing, look no further. Deri Kochoha Washed is incredibly elegant with big body and chocolatey texture with background lemon notes. It’s sweet, clean and one of our favorites for Italian-style espresso. Bellissimo!


  • Soft, low-toned acidity
  • Well rounded taste
  • Clean, juicy body
  • Good mouthfeel
  • Citrus undertones

Karuta Estate Peaberry: Medium Roast | Citrus, Fresh herbs, Caramel

Need a pick-me-up that’s easy drinking? This coffee lands just the right balance. Lively sweetness is a jolt to the senses, drawing a citrus crescendo into a clean finish. The quality of the processing from the Ngorngoro Crater is evident by its smoothness. The Peaberry mutation is said to produce a slightly better cup than normal beans from the same crop. It’s why Tanzanian Peaberries are so desirable.


  • Rich
  • Fruit & berry-toned
  • Energizing
  • Medium bodied
  • Deep complexity

Kamviu AA: Medium Roast | Black currant, Kiwi, Lime

It’s unlike anything we’ve tasted before, delightfully energizing with exotic, fruity notes that lead to a sparkling-wine-like finish. We can trace its origin back to the town where it’s grown on the eastern slope of Mt. Kenya, where high-altitude growing conditions yield high-quality beans.The fruit grows slower, which packs more nuanced flavors. In Eastern Kenya, this bean developed a brighter and juicier flavor profile than most beans grown in Central Kenya. We’re fortunate to come across it due to limitations of regional production, so try this rare and robust crowd pleaser while it’s here.

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