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El Palto FTO

Aside from incredible taste, a great story is usually the number one thing we look for when sourcing a new single origin coffee to offer our customers. El Palto is a cooperative of hundreds of small farmers throughout Northern Peru. The co-op has proven to be a trailblazer in accelerating women’s rights in the region. Of the hundreds of farms producing quality coffees under the El Palto umbrella, nearly a third of them are female-owned. The windfall of opportunity created for women in different industries throughout the region as a result is immeasurable.

Unparalleled standards without shortcuts

Working with a co-op means we can trace our beans back to a specific Peruvian farm. Every cup tells a story. Grown at high altitudes along the border between the Amazon and the Andes, it’s hard to imagine how labor-intensive producing coffees in this region must be. Trees are grown tall before harvesting to allow the soil time to impart a level of flavor and complexity that can’t be attained by taking shortcuts.

In the world of Fair Trade Organic coffees, the quality standards that growers in the El Palto co-op are held to are difficult to beat. They produce a big, clean, uniform bean with great longevity due to the roast level, cleanliness and quality of the bean. When roasted on the lighter end of the spectrum, they can still produce a great cup of coffee up to a full month later.

“The co-op has proven to be a trailblazer in accelerating women’s rights in the region”

Incredible aromas off the roast and in the cup

The El Palto FTO is a joy to roast. It fills the room with rich and warm aromas, carrying a palpable buttery sweetness. If you close your eyes, you can almost imagine you’re smelling hot, homemade kettle corn with the perfect amount of caramelized sugars. You’ll have to open your eyes to admire the beautiful, uniform appearance of these beans as they cascade into the cooling bin.

This extremely versatile bean will reward you whether you’re brewing French Press, pourover, or with your favorite drip pot. In the cup, you’ll be greeted with an incredibly clean coffee with a sweetness that has a real depth to it – especially for a lighter roast. Comforting aromatics with hints of vanilla welcome you to a coffee with a light body, yet a robust mouthfeel. Buttery caramel flavors are predominant, making El Palto FTO a great option for anyone looking for a milder coffee that is still full of flavor, body and mouthfeel that will never let you forget that you’re drinking a cup of coffee.

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