The battle between fresh & convenient is over.

Introducing Daily Grind by Press House
Ten servings, perfectly portioned, fresh ground, sealed, and delivered to take the guess work and hassle out of making great French Press every morning. It’s two weeks of convenient, quality coffee to help you thrive in your Daily Grind, with three different sizes to match your press. It’s our answer to the K-Cup. Subscribe, and ten more pouches will be at your doorstep right before you run out, every time.
If our name didn’t give it away, we’re big fans of French Press. Long, direct, and even contact between the water and coffee make this method second-to-none when it comes to delivering a full-bodied cup that has retained the beautifully flavorful, antioxidant-rich oils of the bean. The Daily Grind is a no-nonsense way to enjoy it every day. No finicking with grind settings. No scales or experimentation necessary. We’ve already done that for you, no matter how much you brew at a time. Just heat up your water, rip open the pouch, and enjoy.
Small: 8-12oz
If you just like to brew a single serving to start your day off on the right foot, the small size is for you. When it comes to brewing at this volume, the ESPRO Ultralight Travel Press can’t be beat. It’s well-insulated, easy-to-clean and it’s designed to double as a travel mug, so you can go straight from brewing to enjoying on the road – all in one container.
Medium: 16-22oz
If you’re brewing for two, or if you like to have a couple of cup’s worth on-hand, there is no better option than the ESPRO P7. The king of all presses, it’s double-walled stainless steel to keep your coffee piping hot until you’re ready to enjoy the next cup. You can choose between using one or two microfilters to cowboy up or enjoy a smooth, clean cup. It’s durable, beautiful, and easy to clean.
Large: 28-32oz
When you’re brewing for a few, the large size option is the way to go. For quality and value at this size, the ESPRO P5 is the way to go. A quality glass and stainless steel build and timeless aesthetic make this our go-to press for pleasing a crowd. Like all ESPRO presses, this one disassembles easily for hassle-free cleaning. Looking to brew yourself one pot to get you through the day? Consider upgrading to the 32oz ESPRO P7 for it’s outstanding heat retention thanks to its double-walled stainless steel build.

Get Started

To get started, pick a Single Origin, Signature Blend, Decaf, or Reserve coffee, and select the Daily Grind sizing option.