A passion for sharing our passion

Craft coffee should be Inviting – not alienating.

Our goal is simple – to help you drink coffee the best way – the way you like it. We source premium coffees, ship them to your door within 72 hours of roasting for incredible freshness, and sell only our favorite brewing equipment. Drinking coffee should be a fun experience. We’ve done a lot of nerdy legwork, experimenting with roast profiles, ratios, brew times, and even bag shapes so you can focus on enjoying and sharing.

On Roasting

State-of-the-art technology and small-batch roasting allows us to rapidly test and consistently repeat our roasts. We refine the profile of every single roast we offer through obsessive experimentation as we craft each bean. This process leads to some delightful discoveries and single-origin roasts that are anything but by-the-book. To us, that’s what coffee’s all about. It’s an art, not a science, and sometimes breaking the rules can pay off big. Check out 1 Bean 3 Ways to experience it first-hand.


We love to experiment. Whether it’s sourcing, roasting, storing, packaging, brewing or shipping, finding new ways to enjoy coffee is our favorite thing to do. Often times, that means breaking a rule or two and getting the book thrown at us. We’re passionate about sharing our latest thoughts and breakthroughs, open to being told we’re wrong, and eager to spark new conversations about all things coffee.


We love coffee, but sometimes, we hate the culture around it. Gatekeepers of the “right” way to drink coffee (someone less friendly might call them “snobs”) have a way of making it seem elitist an unapproachable. In reality, coffee is one of the most widely-consumed and accessible beverages on planet earth, and we’d like to make brewing a great cup as easy as possible.


If you love geeking out about coffee and inviting others to share your passion, you might be a great candidate for a position at Press House. Check out our current job openings if you’re interested in becoming a part of our open culture where new ideas are always welcome.

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